Bill Lee

Bill is the Managing Director at Azendian Solutions, a big data, advanced analytics solutions firm focusing on the use of data to enhance productivity.  Bill has over 28years’ experience with the last 14 years in information management and advanced analytics.  He has worked with organisations across different industries, from financial services to healthcare to government to oil and gas, to name some.

Before founding Azendian Solutions, Bill was the partner at Ernst & Young leading their ASEAN data and analytics business.  He was the Country Manager at SAS Singapore before E&Y and led it to become the largest provider of Data & Analytics solutions in Singapore.

As an evangelist and practitioner, Bill believe that data is a crucial asset for all organisations and their effective use of data will determine their success or failure.  However, too many organisations focus on only the “science” aspect of implementation but do not invest enough in the “art” aspect of such initiatives, resulting in weaker implementations and sub-optimal realisation of goals.  Bill advises boards and senior managers on strategies to ensure successful transformation using their data assets and works with them to achieve those goals.

Bill sits on the advisory boards of School of Information Science (Singapore Management University and Temasek Polytechnic), and School of Business Administration (University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus).